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Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set

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Each plush ball, stuffed with irresistible catnip, emits authentic sounds when touched:

  • a croaking frog 🐸
  • a chirping cricket 🦗
  • a chirping bird 🐦

What Makes These Balls Special?

🎵 Touch-Activated Sounds

🌱 Catnip Included

🔋 Long-Lasting Built-in Battery

🐾 Increased Cat’s Activity Levels

💪 Durable Design

📽️ Don’t miss the video at the end of this site, featuring the kitty Furry playing with the ball.

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Catnip Balls Set: Unleash the Symphony of the Wild! 

Ever caught your feline friend lost in a daydream, whiskers twitching, tail swaying, as if dancing to a tune only they can hear?

What if you could make that tune real? 

Introducing the Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set – where the wild meets the whimsical.

Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set
Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set

Why This is a Breakthrough in Play? 🐾

Your cat’s heart beats with the rhythm of the wild. And, while they may lounge on your couch, their spirit yearns for the thrill of the hunt.

Therefore, every chirp, croak, and tickle of these balls stirs something ancient, something atavistic within them.

These sound balls are not just toys; they’re a bridge to their primal past.

Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set
Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set

Nature’s Orchestra, At Their Paws 🎵

For instance, imagine the sheer delight when a mere nudge brings forth the chirp of a bird or the croak of a frog. Consequently, these aren’t just sounds; they’re calls of the wild, beckoning your cat to play, pounce, and prance.

The Magic of Catnip 🌱

But, there’s more!

Each ball is infused with the allure of catnip, turning playtime into an enchanting dance of joy.

Above all, it’s a siren song no feline can resist.

Endless Adventures Await 🔋

Moreover, with a battery that promises over 10,000 sound emissions, the adventures never cease.

And, for your peace of mind, these balls are designed with utmost safety, ensuring hours of worry-free fun.

Benefits That’ll Make You Purr 🐱

  • Touch-Activated: Instant joy, just a paw tap away.
  • Health & Happiness: Promotes physical activity, keeping them fit and elated.
  • Built to Last: Durable design for endless escapades.

In conclusion, the Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set isn’t just another toy; they’re an experience, a journey, a dance with nature.

So, why wait?

Dive in and watch your cat’s world come alive in the most enchanting way!

Nature sound-emitting catnip balls set is the ultimate toy your cat will love!

Your cat’s paws just need to brush against the ball to bring the sounds to life, providing an exciting and engaging play experience that stimulates both his physical and mental shape.

Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set

Nature Sounds Spark Curiosity

Each ball emits a unique sound — a tweeting bird, a ticking cricket, or a croaking frog. These true-to-life sounds capture your cat’s attention and stir their hunting instincts.

Touch-Activated Fun

A slight paw touch is all it takes. The built-in sensor activates the sounds of nature, delivering instant joy and entertainment.

Add Catnip

Fitted with a catnip compartment, these plush balls turn into an irresistible playtime lure. Add the included catnip and watch your feline friend leap into action.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Don’t worry about constant battery replacements. Each plush ball features a built-in LR44 lithium battery, offering over 10,000+ sound emissions.

Promotes Healthy Activity

Engage your cat’s senses and encourage physical activity. The combination of sound and catnip propels your cat into exercise, helping them stay fit and healthy.

Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set

Choose them for an interactive, exciting, and health-promoting play experience for your cat.

Remember, an active cat is a happy and healthy cat

With the Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set, your feline friend gets a fun, interactive toy that satisfies their instincts and keeps them active. Plus, the irresistible catnip makes these plush balls an instant favourite toy!

Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set

Pack Includes:
  • 1 x blue plush ball with frog croaking sound (built-in battery)
  • 1 x yellow plush ball with ticking crickets sound (built-in battery)
  • 1 x pink plush ball with bird chirp sound (built-in battery)
  • 1 x Sachet of catnip

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Reach out to us! 📩Our team is always ready to lend a helping paw.
We typically respond within a few hours to assist you in making the best choice for your cherished four-legged friend!

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5 reviews for Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set

  1. Sofia

    — Fantastic purchase!!! The toy as described. Our Harry liked them from the first moment.

    Image #1 from Sofia
    Image #2 from Sofia
  2. Aldona

    Kot absolutnie oszalał na punkcie tych uroczych małych kulek!!!

    — The cat is absolutely crazy about these cute little balls!!!

  3. Anastasia

    — These cute plush cat balls that make nature sounds are an absolute blast! My cats love catching them and playing with them for hours!

    Image #1 from Anastasia
    Image #2 from Anastasia
  4. Marie

    Robustní, nadýchané míčky, které vydávají legrační zvuky. 100% hit pro mou kočičku.

    — Sturdy, fluffy balls that make funny noises. A 100% hit toy for my kitty.

  5. Eryk

    Kuleczki wydają bardzo interesujące dźwięki dla kota. Mój kot od razu zaczął z nimi szaleć. Polecam kuleczki oraz sklep – dobry kontakt i szybka wysyłka.

    — The balls make very interesting sounds for the cat. My cat immediately started to go crazy with them. I recommend the balls and the shop – good contact and fast shipping.

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Primal Melodies™ Catnip Balls Set
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